Dent Repair Mistakes That Can Cost You More Money

When your car, SUV, or truck has suffered from a minor to moderate dent, it may be tempting to take matters into your own hands to save time and money. Most people who try to fix their dents on their own actually end up doing the opposite because of the lack of experience and industry knowledge they have. Instead, they may end up with a dent that looks worse than what they started with. Below are some common DIY mistakes that could end up costing your money:

DIT Dent Removal Kits 

If you're trying to repair your car's body damage at home, you've probably been considering a removal kit. These kits can be found online or at local auto stores and typically include scraping tools, flue, and slide hammers. But not all removal kids come with the suitable tools for the job, which can make the job harder for you. Experience and professional tools matter when it comes to repairs like these, so it may be better for you to call us for the job.

Testing Odd Procedures

Many people have claimed that these unusual methods have worked for them, from dry ice, toilet plungers, to hair dyers. But will it necessarily work for you? Often, these weird DIY techniques make your dent look worse rather than better. For example, the heat from the hairdryer can cause creases. These are simply myths that you should not risk trying.

Trust Parker Auto Body Instead!

Instead of stressing and worrying about fixing the dent yourself, we can take the pressure off your hands by restoring your vehicle. Our auto body repair shop provides long-lasting, quality solutions for those that have suffered from collisions and dents. Moreover, our technicians are certified and have years of experience delivering fantastic results. 


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