How to Prevent Sun Damage

The summer sun is the biggest enemy for our automobiles. The UV exposure that your car gets can damage it inside and out. Fortunately, most auto body paint is advanced enough to be fade resistant, but your car can still experience gradual damage over time. The three spots that experience the most sun damage are your car’s dashboard, seats, and paint.


When the sun’s rays are beaming through your windshield, they go straight to the dash. To protect this part of your car, you can park in the shade or in a shaded parking garage. However, investing in a good sun shade is the best way to go about it. It will reflect the UV rays so that your vehicle’s dash can stay cool and keep its color. 


Next, the sun can do a number on both cloth and leather seats. If you want to protect the color and condition of your vehicle’s seating, you’ll have to take some preventive measures. Seat covers have been a trusted method of protecting car seats. A bonus to them is that they protect against stains and spills too. For leather seats, you can take additional measures by applying a protective solution. 


Last but not least, you can protect your vehicle’s exterior paint by throwing a custom car cover over your vehicle whenever you park at home. There’s not much you can do to completely avoid the sun’s effects on your vehicle's outer layer. You can also protect your vehicle’s paint by regularly washing and waxing your vehicle. A thorough clean will remove irritants from your car, and a waxy layer will act as protection against damage.


Even though most auto body paints today have built-in UV protection, it’s not a lasting solution and can’t guarantee some fading won’t occur.


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