Why You Should Repair Body Damage ASAP

Choosing where to go when you need auto body damage repaired in West Monroe, LA is easy – Parker Auto Body is certified to perform collision repair by all the major automobile manufacturers, so you know you can trust us to perform quality, full-service collision repair on your vehicle. Choosing when to take your car in for repair may be a bit trickier. You may need time to save up for the repair, or you may want to wait until a more convenient time to be without your car while it is worked on. Although it may be tempting to off your car's body repair, especially if it is minor, we recommend that you don’t. Here is why:

1. The damage will get worse.

Think of your car’s paint as a protective layer. When your paint is chipped, the metal body of your vehicle will be exposed to the elements. Over time, a cosmetic chip in the paint can cause bigger issues with the integrity of your car’s body. Additionally, the longer you let that paint chip sit, the more it will spread.

2. Your body might rust.

When paint chips off in a collision, exposing the metal body of your vehicle, that exposed metal can begin to rust. Even though a small patch of rust can be easily repaired, it’s still cheaper to repair the chipped paint before it becomes something more serious.

3. Dents lower your resale value.

Even if the dents are superficial, dents and chipped paint make it appear that you do not take care of your car. If you want to sell or trade your vehicle in the near future, make sure the body is in tip-top shape, and repair any damage as soon as possible.

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Basically, waiting to have your body damage repaired is rarely, if ever, a good idea. An expensive body repair will only get more expensive the longer you wait to take your car in. When you're ready for the best in auto repair, bring your ride to Parker Auto Body as soon as you are able. We will do the job right and get you back on the road in no time. Contact us or make your appointment online today!


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